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Q: Where can I find information online?

Colina Middle School Website:

Colina PTSA Website:

Subscribe to the PTSA website for newsletters, directory, volunteer activities, school calendar, to purchase memberships, and to make donations.

Q:  What is the Bell Schedule?

We have a new bell schedule this year - further details are here

For a complete list of different bell schedules for special days - click here


Q:  How do I report an all day absence?

Call the Attendance line at 805-495-7429 x4001.

Q:  My child needs to leave early.  How do I let the school know?

Students must take a note the Attendance Window before school starts.  The note needs to state the time he/she will be leaving and the reason.  Your child will be given a pass to leave class at that specified time.  You will then meet your child in the office and sign them out.  

Q:  My child will be arriving to school late.  How do I let the school know?

Call the Attendance line at 805-495-7429 x1005.

Q:  What is the Dress Code?

Your student can always reference the “Colina Dress Standards – Dress Code” in their Assignment Notebook. You may see it here.

Q:  Can my child take their cell phone into class?

No.  Cell phones must be kept in their lockers in silent mode.  They may be used before and after school or during lunch on the blue benches near the attendance window.  

Q:  Can my child take their back pack into class?

No.  Back packs must be kept in your child’s locker.

Q:  What is “Q”(formerly Zangle)?




“Q” is the district wide online grading system.  A week or two after school starts, your child will receive login information.  You will receive parent login information via the mail in a few weeks.  The site allows you to see current homework assignments, graded work, and highlights missing assignments.  Q is a valuable resource for staying on top of your student’s work.  Go to and click on the Q/Zangle Parent link.

Q:  If my child is having a problem with a particular class, who do I contact?

Always start by talking to the classroom teacher.  If no resolution can be made, contact the counseling office at 805-495-7429. The next step is to reach out to the Dean of Students.  If you still need help, contact our school Principal, Mr. Frank at


Q:  What is the Renaissance Program?

The Renaissance Program enhances and supports our district motto:  “High Expectation = High Achievement.”  This reward program is set up to celebrate achievement.  Renaissance measures Grades, Work Habits, and Citizenship in all courses including electives and PE.

Gold:  All A’s with E’s or S’s

Silver:  All A’s & B’s with E’s or S’s

Bronze:  All A’s, B’s & C’s with E’s or S’s


Q:  How are citizenship and work habits graded?

E=Excellent, S=Satisfactory, N=Needs Improvement, and U=Unsatisfactory


Q:  What are citizenship points?

Each student begins the school year with 100 points.  If a student loses points for a citizenship infraction it is their responsibility to make up the points.  Students must have 80 points to participate in school activities like dances, socials, assemblies, etc.  A special end of year activity is planned for students with good point status all year.  This event is free of charge for all students who earn it.  

Q:  How does can a student lose citizenship points?

Examples of ways a student may lose citizenship points (-10 points each):

Locker violation, gum chewing, food, candy, drinks brought to class, not prepared with class materials/books, dress code violation, tardy, off task, not following directions, disrespect, harassment, backpack brought to class, backpack left unattended on campus, profanity/vulgarity.


Q:  What is considered “good citizenship point status”?

Good citizenship point status means never falling below 80 points, making up all lost points before the end of each trimester, lose less than 40 points all year, not being suspended, not being truant, receiving no more than one referral all year, not being tardy more than three times, and receiving only E’s and S’s on your report cards.


Q:  How can my child make up citizenship points?  

Points can be made up at lunch detention or by making prior arrangements to work with a teacher or custodian.  Points are earned at the rate of 10 points per 1/2 hour at lunch or 5 points per 1/2 hour before or after school.  Points may NOT be earned during class time.  

Q:  Where is the Lost & Found?

Lost books, notebooks, or school supplies – Library

Lost clothing – Friendship Room

Lost PE clothes – PE cage

Lost wallets, phones, keys, jewelry or other valuables – Office


Q:  What is Outdoor Ed?

Outdoor Ed is a four day/three night educational camp for all 6th graders.  There is a fee to attend.  Students will go with their science class in the late winter/early spring.  More information is released a month or two after the school year starts.  

Q:  What is The Boys & Girls Club?

The Boys & Girls Club offers an after school homework club and different enrichment activities.  The building is located between the Gym and the baseball fields.  

They also offer a Lunch Club for at a minimal charge where the students can go during lunch for video games, pool tables, or just to hang out with friends in the A/C.

Q:  What sports are offered at Colina?

Sports Club offers various sports activities during lunch like flag football, basketball, volleyball, etc.  This club also sponsors trips to the Teen Center to compete against other middle schools in the district.

Q:  What is ASB?

The ASB, Associated Student Body, is our student leadership program at Colina.  They plan and organize school activities including socials, dances, lunchtime sports, and publish the yearbook.

Q:  How does my child join ASB?

At orientation, you will have the opportunity to join ASB.  A $30 donation gets your child a Cougar Card which provides them entrance to all dances and socials at no additional charge.  ASB is separate organization from PTSA and payments are made directly to ASB.  

Q:  How can I volunteer at Colina?

There are many opportunities to help out.  Sign up for our newsletter updates to learn which opportunites are coming up.  

Q:  What is the PTSA?

PTSA is the organization through which parents, teachers, students & the community work together to support our school. It is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to the well-being of children that advocates securing laws for the care and protection of children and youth through the national level.

Q:  How do I join PTSA?

Please go to our online store for membership options, or pay by cash/check at Orientation:  $12 for parents and $8 for students.  

Q:  When are the PTSA meetings?  

PTSA general assembly meetings are held the third Thursday of September, March and May.  All parents are welcome to attend, but only PTSA members are allowed to run for office or vote.  

Q:  What is Art Reflections?

Art Reflections is a national PTA art program that is free for Colina students to enter their own original art for recognition at school, district, state and national levels in the areas of:  dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts.  Applications will be available in the front office and online through our school directory. For more information, visit

Q:  What is Direct Donation?  

PTSA sponsors a Direct Donation Drive at the beginning of each year.  We ask for $275 per student but any amount is greatly appreciated.  All donations are made to our non-profit organization and may be tax deductible.  Donations may be paid our online store.  You may also pay by at Orientation.  

Q: What does PTSA do with the money they collect?




Q:  What is the Cougar Connection?

The Cougar Connection is the PTSA newsletter with school and community event information, announcements, and calendar.  Subscribe here to keep updated.

Q:  How do I contact someone in the PTSA?

Send an email to the PTSA President at

Q:  What is School Site Council?

School Site Council (SSC) is an over site group composed of the administration, teachers, students, and parents that direct the vision of the school.  The group meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:30PM in the library.  You are invited to attend the first Site Council meeting of the year and we will elect parent representatives at the first meeting.  

Q:  Where can I get more information?