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Back to school - materials pick-up set for this week

This coming week (10th Aug) will be the week for getting all the materials you need to from the school for the start of the school year.

This includes:

  • Textbooks

  • Student photo ID card - photos will be taken on your designated pick-up day

  • Assignment notebook

  • Student Course Requests

  • Other necessary equipment, depending on classes

To adhere to social distancing, Colina has the following days for pickup, depending on grade level and surname:

  1. Tuesday, August 11th -6th grade materials pick up

  2. Wednesday, August 12th - 6th grade materials pick up

  3. Thursday, August 13th -7th grade materials pick up

  4. Friday, August 14th -8th grade materials pick up

  5. Monday, August 17th MAKE UP DAY 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Please note that prior to pick up, all outstanding cafeteria, library and textbook debts must be cleared

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