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Colina PTSA Spring News

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2022-2023 PTSA Executive Board Nominees


Michelle Garcia

VP Programs

Erica Gross

VP Volunteers

Kelly Cannan

VP Membership

Kristina Cortell

Executive VP

Leahastar Schwanauer

Recording Secretary

Nadia Hefni Foster


Allison Collins

Communications VP

Ashley Stapleton


Rebecca Neville


Tracy Kitzman


Heather Nordahl

Corresponding Secretary

Angela Bagnuolo


Kim Liljegren

Thank you to our slate of nominees for volunteering to serve this next year!


Our PTSA General Meeting will be held in person (school library) and via Zoom on Thursday 3/24 at 9:30. We will hear a presentation from the Thousand Oaks Library, as well as vote on our slate of nominees for the 2022-2023 school year executive board. All are welcome to attend, however you must be a paid PTSA member in order to vote. Not a member? Join Now!

Zoom link will be posted to the Colina PTSA Facebook page and updated on our website before the meeting.


Been curious about what smells so yummy near the Westlake Plaza recently? Yeah, that would be The Stand. Come check it out with us on March 22nd, for lunch or dinner, or both! Order online or in store using coupon code COLINA and 25% of your purchase will come back to your Colina PTSA! see the flyer >>>>>>> for details


Kona Ice will be at school from 2pm on on these coming Tuesdays:





Thank you to Kona Ice for supporting the Colina PTSA this year!


I'm pretty thankful for this fundraiser, to be honest. It was not fun trying to make a lei for my now 10th grader 2 years ago. Let our parter The Commencement Group do the hard work for you! You've got enough on your plate remembering to bring the sunscreen and water to Promotion. How nice would it be to just grab the greenery on site! Go to and pick your lei/bouquet. 20% of sales go to Colina PTSA!

P.S. Promotion is 6/10


2022-2023 PTSA Donation drive starts 4/1!

While it may feel early, given that some of the thank you's on offer are double, or even triple size lockers, we like to give Mrs. Carlson in the office the chance to start allocating lockers sooner than later. Fun Fact: there are 120+ double or triple size lockers available at Colina. Wouldn't it be great to give them all away as "thank you"s!

These past two years have been hard budget-wise, for obvious reasons. The ASB, teachers, and administration have really stepped up to keep Colina the special place we know and love. Our PTSA President and Executive VP, Kristine Campbell-Lopez and Leahastar Schwanauer, have been doing a great job trying to augment our funds with some of the fundraisers you've seen this year. Ideally, we are able to make most of the magic happen with Direct Donation.

Please be on the look out for an email and links on our social media asking you to consider direct donation for the 2022-2023 school year.


He's not quite a cougar, but Robert the cat thanks you for reading to the end of this newsletter! Yes, we did name our cat "Bob" feel free to tease me about it so I know you made it to the end.

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