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Locker Sales Now On!

We all know that this year isn't ending traditionally, but some traditions should be kept going even in the era of Covid-19!

Reserve your double or triple locker now! Locker Sales and Donations for the 2020-21 school year are now open, other perks are included depending on donation level. Any donation is welcome, especially now, but please give what you can, and remember to gift match your donation!

  • Cougar: $10 - $274 ($180 equates to a dollar per day)

  • Bronze: $275 - $374 (Suggested donation $275 per student)

  • Silver: $375 - $574  (Double locker)

  • Gold: $575 - $999 (Double or triple locker, plus other perks)

  • Platinum: $1000 + (Double or triple locker, plus a VIP graduation tent and other perks)

Click here to start your donation!

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