Promotion Processional

June 12th is the date for 8th Grade promotion. This year, due to Covid-19, the promotion is a drive-thru.

Details from Mr Frank's latest email:


Please mark your calendars to participate in Colina's Promotion Processional scheduled for June 12 drive-thru. We will have all of teachers present this day, lining the entry drive and students can make a trip through middle school memory lane leading up to recieving their promotion certificates. Thank you in advance for your patience with the process and let’s make some memories celebrating these kids! Car Line Celebrations/Drive-Thru Protocol (short version)

  1. Follow the Alphabetical Schedule and Time Slots below

  2. One vehicle per student and family

  3. Must turn RIGHT into Colina’s Entry Drive (NO LEFT TURNS) see map below

  4. Stay in line and in the car at all times

  5. Obey all traffic rules and please have your hazard lights flashing

  6. Bring your School Spirit!

Promotion Processional Schedule/Time Slots A - C (68) 9-10am D-H (67) 10-11am

I-M (59) 11-12pm

N-R (46) 12-1pm S-Z (62) 1-2pm

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