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Proposed Schedule Change for 2019-2020

Here is why Colina parents are so EXCITED!

  • Same schedule every week (no more forgetting which day of the month is the minimum day!)

  • Kids can go to Colina the same time every day (there are supervised programs and activities)

  • Doctor, dentist, orthodontist appointments can be scheduled in the morning without missing school

  • Help with homework, projects, etc. are available without interrupting kids' after school schedule

  • More in line with the Westlake High School schedule being proposed this year

new schedule.jpg

Colina is in the process of moving from the "once a month minimum day," to a "weekly late start Tuesday" starting next year. There is a lot to like about the new schedule including a consistent week-to-week routine and a nice window for doctor and dentist appointments without missing school. 


For more information, check out this email from our Principal, Mr. Frank, to answer questions you might have about the change in schedule.

FAQ:Restructuring For Student Achievement

Dear Colina Parent/Guardian-

Please find the FAQ sheet from common themes found in parent questions regarding our late start schedule. We will continue to add to the FAQ sheet as questions come in and want to thank you for your time. 

Restructuring for Student Achievement: LATE START FAQs

  1. What are the drop off options for working parents?

    • The Boys & Girls Club will be working with the school in providing site-based programming which may include: French, Spanish, ASL, Sports & Fitness, Art, STEM & HW Support. Hours for B&G drop off begin as early as 6:30 am.

  2. Will there be an increased cost for parents to join the B&G Club for programming?

    • The B&G Club currently has a sliding scale fee structure in place for programming before school and is looking to augment their program with a plan specific to the late start days. 

  3. What is the capacity of B & G Club?

    • The club is full at 200 members and Colina facilities can also be made available (Library, Gym, Auditorium, Computer labs).

  4. What time will the gates be opened on Tuesdays?

    • Gates will be opened and campus supervised at 9:30 am on Tuesdays. Students on campus prior to this time will be in directed and supervised activities.  Students will not be allowed to roam campus unsupervised.

  5. Bus transportation?

    • All transportation information including rates are posted as well as pick up routes at the link above.

  6. What is the primary reason for late start vs. not early out (minimum days)?

    • The cost of buses and changing bus routes to support ridership for weekly minimum days proved to be cost prohibitive. Busing serves students from multiple school sites (elem/middle).

  7. Will traffic be an issue on the late start days at drop off?

    • Traffic is always a concern at Colina. If the schedule is approved, we will communicate with the city’s department of transportation to evaluate adjusting traffic lights as needed; drop off will likely be between 9:15-9:45am with most of the everyday morning traffic being over.

  8. Can school sports team practices be conducted before school on the late start Tuesdays?

    • The Gym will be open and can host school sport teams, it would depend greatly on the availability of our coaches to be there in the morning vs after school. LAVA Volleyball and Mamba Sports Academy are interested in hosting clinics during this time.

  9. What classes will be held during A period?

    • Currently every subject, except for math, hosts a section during the A period time.  A period classes will be determined based on student course requests and teacher availability to fulfill the requests.

  10. Why is there no A period on Tuesdays?

    • To facilitate collaborative planning time with the entire staff we needed to release all teachers to attend grade level/department/cross curricular and content specific meetings; A period will be taught 10 minutes longer each day.

  11. Who has priority for A period?

    • Priority for A period will continue to go to those families who have siblings to accommodate like start and end times.  A period will continue to be based on space availability as we need teachers to host classes that support our traditional bell schedule (9:00 am-3:10 pm).  This is to accommodate those families relying on bus transportation to get their child to and from school.

  12. Can students in the LEAP Program attend the B&G Club?

    • All students are welcomed to attend the B&G Club.

  13. Why is there no CORE on the late start day?

    • The committee wanted to increase the number of instructional minutes in each period on the late start day.

  14. What evidence is there that shows school restructuring works?

  15. What do teachers do in collaborative planning time?

 Thank you to the Boys & Girls Club for making these messages possible!

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