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Dear Colina Families-

Here are a few reminders as the days and weeks move ahead:

Tuesday, August 27th LATE START DAY

No A Period Campus will be open at 9:30 am on Tuesdays. For early drop needs, please use the following options:

  1. Study Hall in Colina’s Auditorium 7:45 am -9:30 am

  2. B&G Club 7:30 am- 9:30 am 

  3. Late Start Sports 8:30-9:30 am 

  4. For busing options please visit our transportation website and you can click Colina Bus Pick Up/Drop Off Information to see bus pick up and drop off times/locations.


1 10:00 – 10:41

2 10:46 – 11:27

Nutrition 11:27 – 10:37

3 11:37 – 12:18

4 12:23 – 1:04

Lunch 1:04 – 1:39

5 1:44 – 2:25

6 2:30 – 3:10

Tuesday, August 27th- School Site Council 330-500 Library

Wednesday, August 28th PICTURE DAY (these are the yearbook photos)


Looking Ahead

9/2 NO SCHOOL: Labor Day

9/3 LATE START, Girls VB Practice 330-500 pm Gym

9/4 Girls VB Practice 330-500 pm Gym

9/5 Boys Soccer Tryouts 330-500 pm Fields

9/10 LATE START, Girls VB Practice 330-500 pm Gym


9/12 Back to School Night 6:00 pm general session in the Gym,

6:55 pm classroom sessions begin. No Girls VB Practice due to BSN.

Colina Connection Updates

To stay up to date with PTSA activities, news and volunteer opportunities, please visit  the Colina PTSA website and sign up to receive updates of our newsletter. While on the site, you can buy membership, send your donation and participate!


Parent Access to Campus- With middle school comes some natural

anxieties. We have worked hard with WEB to create many

opportunities for making the transition from elementary to middle

exciting and welcoming. Parents, it is best to begin the process of

allowing independence to flourish and perhaps saying goodbye in

the car or at the gate; having your parent walk you on campus is not

necessarily the most popular choice these days. If your student is

finding some difficulty and you need that time to assist them, we will

be asking that parents sign into the office's Raptor System to

receive a campus pass. Parents will need their driver's license to

scan in.

Pick Up/Drop Off & Parking Lots – THANK YOU FOR YOUR

PATIENCE! To help expedite the drop off, please have your student

sitting on the passenger side of the car with back pack next to them

for a quick and easy drop off. Please follow the direction of campus

supervisors and leave extra time until routines are in place.

Remember, it is recommended to turn right into Colina from Hillcrest

Drive if you are using the internal drop off/pick up traffic pattern.

Alternate drop off/pick up locations will be along Rancho Road;

please do not use any lot at Ascension, we always want to be good

neighbors. Reminder that TOPD motor enforcement will be out and

enforcing speed, cellphones, seatbelts, as well as monitoring

parking and no parking areas. Please be safe and courteous out

there, it will get easier!

ID Cards: Students received their temporary ID Cards today.

Students need to have these with them during the school day.

Once school photos are taken we will issue their permanent

2019/2020 ID.

Lunches- important to remind your child to throw out their uneaten

lunches and not keep them in their lockers overnight! With the heat

we are experiencing, ants will likely be on the move and looking for a meal.


“A” period will start promptly at 7:55 am with period 1 beginning at

9:00 am. Students with a traditional 9:00 am start time can come

onto campus at 8:30 am otherwise they will be directed to the Boys

& Girls Club for supervision. Likewise, students who dismiss at 2:19

pm will need to be picked up by 2:45 pm or they too will be directed

to the Boys & Girls Club for supervision.

Reminder, electronic devices/cellphones must be turned off and in

student during the school day. Phones must be stored in a locker

and may not be on their person during the school day. Students

may use their cell phones at the blue benches before school and at

lunch; Colina assumes no liability for lost or stolen cell phones.

(Please encourage your students to keep locker combinations





Thursday 8/22 All Grade 7/8 only 330-5 pm GYM

Tuesday 8/27 All Grades 6 330-5pm GYM

Once teams are selected practices for Girls Volleyball will be

Tuesdays and Thursdays 330-500 pm. Games for 6th graders will

be on Mondays at the Teen Center and 7/8th grade games on

Wednesdays. More information will come after the fall schedule has

been built.



Tryouts are TBD

The Boys Basketball League is a 7th/8th grade league, however

Colina does allow 6th graders to tryout with the 7th graders. In

order to fulfill a space on the 7th grade team, a 6th grade student

has to be clearly more advanced than the lowest 7th grade player.


Reaching new heights and making connections at our Welcome Back

Social last Friday night!

Thank you to the Boys & Girls Club for making these messages


— Principal Frank

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